Ertugrul drama actors reached pakistan

During their two-day visit to Pakistan, Turkish actors will visit various places

Ertugrul drama actors reached pakistan
Ertugrul drama actors reached Pakistan

The well-known character of Ertugrul drama 'Duan' has reached Pakistan

The famous character of Ertugrul drama 'Duan' (Roshan) has reached Pakistan. According to media sources, Javed Jaiten Gunir, who played the role of 'Duan' Alp in the Turkish drama serial Ertugrul

Ghazi, which has set a record in Pakistan, has arrived in Pakistan. During his two-day visit to Pakistan, Turkish actors will visit various places.

The actor also shared a short video in InstaStories and wrote Good Morning that he is in Islamabad, Pakistan. This is the first time that a character from this drama is visiting Pakistan.

Earlier, the main character Angan Altan participated in an online charity program. The event was held to fulfill the wishes of 3 children suffering from cancer

It is to be noted that earlier, the main character of the Turkish drama Derelish Ertugrul, which is being aired in Urdu on Pakistan Television (PTV) under the name of Ertugrul Ghazi, had canceled his contract with the Pakistani brand as an ambassador. A few days ago, the main character of Ertugrul

Ghazi had signed a brand ambassador contract with a private housing society in the capital Islamabad.

In this regard, the private housing society had said in various posts on the photo-sharing app Instagram that Engin Altan Dozitan would soon attend the groundbreaking ceremony of the mosque at

Blue World in Islamabad. Another post said that he would visit Pakistan. I have the honor of hosting Engin Altan Dozitan and will soon have a historic reception.

Later, in a video released on Instagram, Engin Altan Dozitan confirmed that he would be the ambassador of the Pakistani brand and said that he would be coming to Pakistan soon.

Has been canceled. In this regard, the Turkish state broadcaster TRT reported that the hero of the drama serial R Tughral Ghazi", Engin Altan Dozitan has canceled his contract with Blue World City.


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