Biden will be officially elected on December 14 after the electorate vote

Biden will be officially elected on December 14 after the electorate vote

Biden will be officially elected on December 14 after the electorate vote

On January 6 Congress approves successful candidates for president and vice president after counting the electorate's votes. Urdupoint's special report on the US presidential election

Washington (10bmnews latest news) According to unofficial and unconfirmed results of the US presidential election Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States. How many steps are still left in the official success of his presidency? The transition takes about two and a half months. The period from the November 3 polls to the inauguration of the new president on January 20 is called the transitional period

U.S. law sets out the transition process during this period which contrary to popular belief is far more complicated than handing over the key to the successful candidate to the White House. At polling stations in 50 states voters exercise their voting right through various electronic voting machines, but voters do not directly vote for their preferred presidential candidate, but for the nominees of the presidential candidates who later vote for the candidate through the Electoral College. Give

Electoral votes are allocated to each state in the United States according to its population which makes a total of 538. To be successful a candidate must receive 270 electoral votes. Voters can cast their ballots early before Election Day or by post but the first Monday in November is the official voting day after which the counting of votes begins usually by the next morning of the election. Candidates are determined but the counting of votes can still take several days

By the end of November or the beginning of December each state confirms that the election process is complete but states are not responsible for delays due to counting disputes or litigation. After the US election states are required to send a final list of electors to Congress by December 8. These results are sent six days before the electors meet and this year the date is December 8 which is called Safe Harbor. That is why the Congress finalizes the list of electors sent on this day and is less likely to object to them

On December 14 electors gather in their respective states to vote for the president or vice president. Absentee electors do not vote for the presidential candidate. All states are required to submit certified election results to Congress by December 23 because November not only elects the president and vice president but also elects members of the US Congress

Newly elected members of Congress take oath of office on January 3. Keep in mind that with the presidential election both political parties will be expected to win more seats in both houses of Congress the House of Representatives and the Senate Electoral votes are formally counted in the Congress after which the successful candidate is officially announced

In the event that a presidential candidate fails to get the required 270 votes the House of Representatives elects the president by ballot a procedure set out in the 12th Amendment to US law. Under this amendment each state's elected representatives have one vote. Thus the President of the United States who gets 26 votes is elected. In the same situation the election of the Vice President takes place through voting in the US Senate

Under US law the term of the new US president officially begins on the afternoon of January 20 and the new president is sworn in but if Congress does not approve the election results by that date federal law allows for the appointment of an acting president. If Congress does not approve the election of President and Vice President, then the Speaker of the House of Representatives takes the oath of office of Acting President

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