US presidential election: Supreme Court issues landmark order

US presidential election Supreme Court issues landmark order

US presidential election: Supreme Court issues landmark order

On President Trump's appeal filed in September the court ordered the Pennsylvania Election Board to separate the votes received after 8 pm on November 3

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued a landmark order regarding the U.S. presidential election ordering the Pennsylvania State Election Board to segregate ballots received by mail after 8 p.m. on election day. Samuel Elliott issued the ruling in a case pending in September.

President Trump filed a lawsuit in the Pennsylvania High Court in September seeking a stay on postal ballots. The court rejected his request after which he appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court also ruled in Pennsylvania's state court. Upholding the decision of the Supreme Court his appeal was rejected against which another appeal was filed by the Republican candidate in which it was said that the decision of the High Court should be quashed. Allows him to count the mail ballots delivered on November 6 after the 3rd election.

Supreme Court Judge Elliott issued the order following a request from Republicans in Pennsylvania to separate the ballots. He has more electoral votes and has consolidated his lead against President Donald Trump.

The Supreme Court has twice before rejected the Republicans plea which in October rejected the lower court's decision to overturn the lower court's decision which later rejected an appeal for an early hearing of the same petition. They may reconsider this request after November 3. In a Nov. 6 petition, Republicans in Pennsylvania said it was unclear whether all 67 counties were following Commonwealth Secretary Kathy Bouquer's Oct. 28 call for the late ballots to be separated

Booker said the late ballots are far fewer than the total number of votes cast. The petition states that the 25 counties did not say whether they were separating the controversial ballots which would be very important in that case. If the Supreme Court decides to hear the case and reverses the decision. Donald Trump had asked the court to intervene in this matter but he did not take any special action on this request. It is clear that the world is waiting to see the winner in the US presidential election but the results are delayed due to a few states.

Thousands of votes are still being counted in the election and it is not clear when the contest will end. The vote count has entered its fifth day. Former Vice President Joe Biden now has a 50-vote lead over Trump at Electoral College. After receiving 20 electoral votes from the state of Pennsylvania, Joe Biden will receive the 270 votes he needs to run for president.

In the state of Arizona Joe Biden has a lead of 29861 votes after 97 percent of the vote while in Nevada he has a lead of 22657 votes after 93 percent of the vote. In Georgia he has only 4000 votes after 99 percent of the vote. 289 votes are ahead while 27 thousand 130 votes are ahead when 96% of the votes are counted. In the controversy surrounding the 2000 presidential election five Supreme Court judges ruled in favor of President Bush who was made a judge during the Republican era while four judges who ruled in favor of Elgor were in the Supreme Court during the Democratic Party. Was posted.

What does US law say about voting by mail? Voters are usually required to fill out a ballot form sent by a local election office and sign it after which they will send the ballot in an envelope to their nearest mailbox or box. Are. Prior to the corona virus five states - Colorado Hawaii Oregon Washington and Utah - had already allowed all voters to cast their ballots by mail and ballot papers were sent to all registered voters without being called. If they do not want to go to the polls and cast their ballots they can vote by mail. Has adopted this model and allowed voters to cast their ballots by post without giving any excuse or reason

Earlier, voters had to offer a valid excuse to vote by mail but in 2020 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) the public health watchdog warned voters against the possible spread of the corona virus and the second wave. Voters were advised on the official website to use the right to vote in alternative ways instead of queuing in the traditional way. Should get.

According to the official details, the voter does not have to have any excuse to cast his vote before the election day. This means that any voter can adopt this alternative method in the process of participating in the election. The ballot forms sent by the local election offices have to be filled and signed by them after which they save the ballot in an envelope and send it in the nearest post box or box.

The United States is the most affected country in the world by the corona virus, which has led to record postal voting this year. The country has seen an increase in postal voting in the last several elections. According to official details this year the US states allowed postal voting in view of the corona virus but each state has set its own procedure in this regard. There are 12 states in the country where voters have the facility to vote. Votes can be sent by post for a specific reason for example a voter being out of the country at the time of election or being over 65 years of age. It had to be on dates and the process ended on different dates.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly objected to large-scale postal voting, saying that if voters were not present there would be no objection to postal absenteeism if they themselves were eligible under the facility. While living in another state voting by post but giving this facility to all voters without an excuse can lead to election fraud.

President Trump has also expressed concern that postal voting could delay election results as ballot papers could be lost. Proponents of President Trump have also been concerned that mail It is also very difficult to make sure in voting through whether the voter has made a custom decision or not. Earlier in the 2018 midterm elections, the experience of postal voting in some states was very successful, but some states had taken further steps to make the voting process by post more credible. A witness must be present at the venue at the time. A vote can be sent only after the presence and signature of the witness.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his party have argued that postal voting is essential to public health because of the dangers of the corona virus. Enough to build credibility because in states where ballots are not sent to all voters those citizens call for ballots by self-application and also confirm that their vote has been received.

Experts say that postal voting more than doubled during the 2004-2016 election but the way in which the risk of fraud was exaggerated was extremely worrying when states and the law Experts say that the law of most states allows the votes cast by post on November 3 to be counted 10 days later and will be counted. According to the results have to be announced within 5 weeks so what is the need for haste 

Many legal experts are expressing the fear that the year 2000 may be repeated, but in 2020 the situation is different and a decision by the Supreme Court like the year 2000 could lead the country to civil war so the Supreme Court has to be very careful and if If the matter goes to the Supreme Court it will have to decide in the national interest first. According to the US Elections Project the number of votes cast by mail is many times higher than in the 2016 election mainly due to fears of the corona virus according to a Los Angeles Times report. Delayed arrival of votes could have an impact on the outcome of the 2016 election which had a narrow margin of victory and defeat.

According to a Stanford University study, postal voting does not benefit any party. Observers say postal voting is more important in the 2020 election than in previous years because of the results and the peaceful transfer of power. Aspects are also connected to it

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