The rickshaw driver who owed millions of rupees became a millionaire overnight

The rickshaw driver bought a lottery ticket of Rs. 300 and won a lottery of Rs. 12 crore

The rickshaw driver who owed millions of rupees became a millionaire overnight

New Delhi - Whenever the giver pays, the rickshaw driver who owes millions of rupees becomes a millionaire overnight, the rickshaw driver buys a lottery ticket of 300 rupees and 12 million rupees. Won the lottery - According to the details, the fate of a rickshaw driver in India changed overnight when he won the lottery and became a millionaire.

According to India's prestigious English newspaper Indian Express, rickshaw driver J. Palan Murad of Kochi, India has become a millionaire overnight as he has won a lottery of Rs. 12 crores.

According to the rules and regulations, rickshaw driver J Palan Murado will take home a hefty sum of about Rs 74 million after-tax deductions, though his reward is Rs 12 crore.

Jay Palin's family includes a 95-year-old mother, wife, and two sons. His wife is a sweeper in the hospital, a son is an electrician and another is a homeopath. According to media reports, rickshaw puller Jay Palin, a resident of Ambler House, drives a rickshaw for his livelihood. He bought a lottery ticket for Rs. 300 on the night of September 10 and won the prize on Sunday. In this regard, he said that while taking the ticket, he took the number he liked because he thought it was good and when the results were announced, he was lucky.

His ticket number was TE 645465. According to Indian media reports, Jay Palin has said that he will pay off his debts, try to get rid of civil cases, help his sisters financially and give his children a good education. Earlier, the same thing happened to a citizen from Virginia, USA, who was very worried about the economic situation, but he tried to try his luck and bought 160 lottery tickets at once.

The man's fortunes then skyrocketed on all 160 of the 160 tickets for the exchange. One of the tickets bought by an American citizen named Kwame Cross had one thing in common: the last four digits of each ticket. 7314 was becoming a combination, but this lucky man got five thousand dollars on one lottery, and on the rest of the lotteries he got a total prize of eight hundred thousand dollars, which is about nine and a half crore rupees according to Pakistani rupees.

Thus, the man who bought 160 lotteries in one day and won all the lotteries became rich as soon as he saw them. In this regard, the American citizen Kwame said that he could not believe it. 

That this person has won such a large sum of money, this person is so surprised that he checked his winning amount eighty-two times that he has really won such a large amount of money, Kwame told lottery officials that he was present on the lottery ticket. 

He had seen this combination of the last four digits "7314" on a television show after which he realized that these numbers are lucky numbers for him but he saw the combination of these four digits on the lottery and bought it immediately.

However, this person belongs to a poor area and such a large amount of money has probably never been seen in the whole area, so there is a line of people outside this person's house.

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